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Knowi's products give you truly unified data analytics all the way from the source to the alerts that drive action in your team.
Knowi turn data into action


Ask questions, Get Real Results

Ask questions in Slack or within Knowi in plain English and get immediate results as well share and collaborate in a data driven way like never before.

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Knowi HUB

Knowi HUB

Build dashboards and connect data with Knowi HUB

Knowi HUB offers true native integration to NoSQL, SQL, APIs and other countless data sources, taking away the headache of data wrangling and letting you focus on the analytics and insights.

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Display Charts and dashboards anywhere with Knowi Embed

Embed Knowi inside your own app or website and provide a huge value add to your customers. Expand the capabilities of your own platform without the dev overhead.

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Knowi for Engineers
Connect, Query, Join, Visualize, Analyze, Share

Only full stack analytics platform that natively integrates to all the popular NoSQL data stores, as well as relational and Cloud APIs sources.

Join disparate data across sources without having to ETL.

Integrate Machine Learning Models or your own.

Visualize, Analyze, Share and Collaborate with the entire company.

No SQL, SQL and APIs

Knowi for Revenue Generation Teams
Drive Revenue using your Data

Stop logging into umpteen different tools. Single view of ALL your data and ask questions in plain english.

Realtime alerts and insights. Collaborate with your team members realtime using Slack or Teams.

ELEVATE your team to the best it can be.

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Empower any team
Get real outcome-focused solutions across all your teams, not just a bundle of tools.

Knowi ELEVATE is a sales enablement solution to drive more revenue. Elevate provides a single view across all your sales and marketing data silos, combined with realtime alerts, dashboard and analytics in plain English.


Not just another BI tool, Knowi empowers data engineers to create Data-as-a-Service components across all datasources.

Customer Success

Knowi ELEVATE has a specific playbook for helping customer success teams increase net revenue retention and reduce churn.

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